Art in Public Space

Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art (TSSK) has been working with art in public space since its foundation. Our work with art in public space is an important part of our core activities, and we offer a unique competence within the field.

Our services

Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art (TSSK) has been for many years the regional contact institution for KORO - Public Art Norway, the Norwegian government’s professional body for art in public spaces, Trondheim kommune and Trøndelag fylkeskommune.


TSSK provides practical advice and information to both the public, and the private sector, and aims to contribute with artistic professionalism in the management of public space and urban development.

Our work with art in public space is an important part of our core activities, and we offer a unique competence within the field. We will work towards securing artistic quality in public art projects within our region, and towards an active and critically reflecting, public conversation about art and our shared public spaces.

Professional art expertise

Using professional art expertise is a profitable investment to achieve good results.

An art consultant or art director has the task of executing a 'plan for placing art'. This is the key document during the work of carrying out an art project. The plan is also a prerequisite for funding from KORO, as the state's professional body for art in public spaces that manages decorations in state buildings, and has support schemes for municipal and county municipal projects in buildings and outdoor spaces.

The art consultant leads the art committee, which often consists of the client, architect and user representative (s) and ensures that democratic and artistic considerations are well taken care of. has a database of qualified professional consultants, artists and curators in Norway divided into regions. You may also contact us directly for recommendations.


KORO support art production in different public spaces.
More info at

KORO portal for announcements

KORO's portal for announcement and open call for assignments and art competitions for artists, kurators etc.


28.08.2022: Samiske kunstnere til Elsa Laula Renbergs plass
30.03.2022: Prekvalifisering for kunstnere Tiller videregående skole
20.12.2021: Oppdrag for kunstkonsulent på Tiller VGS i Trondheim
16.10.2021: Kunstfaglig prosjektleder Stavne Aktivitetssenter

Har du et oppdrag å lyse ut? Vi kan hjelpe deg med å publisere oppdrag slik at det når ut til de rette fagmiljøene regionalt og nasjonalt.

Do you want help with an announcement?

Courses and seminars

Seminar Ørlandet 2021 UTSNITT

A seminaret at Ørlandet Kultursenter September 2021.

Our seminars will give professionals in the field of culture in the municipalities of Trøndelag and others, such as artists, curators, art consultants, architects and private developers etc, a chance to learn more about art in public spaces.

Upcomming seminar:

"Kunst i våre rom. Hva – hvorfor – hvordan?"
5. mai 2022 kl. 10.00 - 15.00 / Biblioteket i Ålentorget i Ålen, Holtålen Kommune

Seminaret passer ordfører, kommunedirektør, plansjef, byggeleder, kultursjef, kulturkonsulent, kunstkonsulenter mfl. More info

15.09.2021: Seminar om kunst i offentlige rom i Ørland kommune.
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28.11.2019: Byutviklingsverksted: Kunst/kulturarv i Levanger kommune.
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11.09.2019: Kunst i offentlige rom (fra A til Å) i Stjørdal kommune.
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Learning about public arts

Contact us for a collaboration in making your art projects known to the public!

Omvisning i Akrinn NTNU 2017 035

Guided tour in Akrinn, NTNU - Campus Kalvskinnet with Reidun Bull-Hansen and Margrete Abelsen.


For more information and questions regarding our services, please contact:

Randi Martine Brockmann
Phone: (+47) 73 52 49 10
Mobil: (+47) 93 22 96 29