Meta.Morf 2022 -

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Meta.Morf 2022 – The seventh Trondheim international biennale for art and technology – manifests a critical take on mankind’s relationship to nature. The biennale will, through conferences, exhibitions and performances, critically question what it truly means to be an ecophile in the age of the Anthropocene?

Meta.Morf Manifesto

Artistic and scientific research are continuously challenging and changing our perspectives on life, often implying new philosophical and existential questions. Biotechnology, nanotechnology, neuroscience and new communications and computer technologies are examples of fields that expand the boundaries of artistic thinking and practice. Artistic practice is able to act as a catalyst in various fields of research, and can contribute to innovation through its ability to operate outside accepted norms and scientific truths.

The artist as a conveyor and interpreter of new knowledge and research plays a crucial role for society’s ability to maintain an adequate discourse regarding use of new technologies and scientific advancements.

Meta.Morf – Trondheim international biennale for art and technology – aim to present artists, writers, and researchers for a broader audience with projects and performances that in various ways helps extending our perspectives on life.